iPhone SE
Ksh 51,999 Ksh 52,000

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Display: 4.70-inch

Front Camera: 7MP

Rear Camera: 12MP

Storage: 64GB

OS: iOS 13

Colors :

The iPhone SE (2020) is an unusual device, combining a throwback style with some modern internal components. It's virtually identical to the iPhone 8 from the outside, and there aren't many phones these days that are as slim and light. That also means the screen is small, at 4.7 inches, and battery life isn't great. You get the modern A13 Bionic processor which is extremely powerful, but only a single rear camera. The main attraction for many people will be iOS, which is smooth and slick, with multiple years of updates guaranteed. Apple also targets this phone at those who want to upgrade from an older model to continue using iCloud services. 

While you can get good performance from the iPhone SE (2020), its utility is limited by the small screen. The rear camera takes great stills and video in the daytime, but low-light performance is disappointing. Noteworthy features include wireless charging and an IP67 water resistance rating.

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